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GOODSTORE is an online shop established by SIA Goodman Group, which is rapidly developing and improving, continuously expanding the range of products on offer.

SIA Goodman Group is a company with extensive experience in designing and building low-voltage systems and networks, which is why GOODSTORE is an online shop where you can find all the things you need to build video surveillance, security, access control and fire safety systems, from various types of installation materials to the most innovative equipment.

GOODSTORE has the advantage of having a team of professionals whose knowledge is based on experience, so we are able to provide detailed explanations and answers on any product, and the explanations will be based on practical experience and not just theory.

In the GOODSTORE online shop you can find a wide range of products: equipment and components for CCTV systems, security systems, access control systems, fire safety systems, a wide range of installation materials, cables, wires, network equipment, optical networks, electrical and network installations, power supplies, office supplies, even products related to solar energy, which is so popular nowadays, as well as other useful items.

We are convinced that every customer can find something useful in the GOODSTORE online shop.

If you have any questions, please call +371 27017034 or email . .


SIA "Goodman Group"
Registration number: 41503064521
VAT number: LV41503064521
Registered office: 32 Vidus Street, Daugavpils, LV-5401
Bank: Swedbank AS, Code: HABALV22
Bank Account: LV32HABA0551052453840

Customer Service: +371 64373818

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